Prairie Winds is a family of believers dedicated to growing as disciples of our Lord Jesus. This means that our desire is to trust him more completely, to know him more fully, and to walk more consistently in the same love that led him to give his life for us.

We believe that all this is possible...

  • we believe the good news that through Jesus’ life, death and resurrection, we can be set free from everything that separates us from close fellowship with God and with one another
  • we learn to walk in Spirit whom God has given to us to live in and among us
  • we commit ourselves to support and encourage one another, learning what it means to live as a family—as genuine brothers and sisters in Messiah Jesus
  • ...and as we submit to God's discipline and training program for us.

Our deep hope is that as we live out this kind of life, and as we continue to grow in these ways, we will have opportunities to share with others who have not known Jesus the love and joy that we are discovering in our walk with him.